Thursday, April 28, 2011


Close friends of one of my closest friends made this about his father the sculptor and painter Wiliam Turnbull. Narrated by Jude Law. Come check it out! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A Place In The Sun: Picturing California

California dreaming in a group show featuring Los Angeles photographers

by Wendy Dembo in Culture on 22 April 2011   Clip to Evernote

The American Dream is familiar enough territory, but what of the allure of the West? The group show "A Place in the Sun: Picturing California" highlights Los Angeles photographers, some native and others transplants, who explore the Caliifornia dream.
picturesun2.jpg picturesun3.jpg
Images cast a collective portrait of the Golden State as a place where promises are alternately fulfilled, deferred and denied—a vision that's not too far off from the reality of the U.S. What defines the work of these talents (among them Sam ComenEmily ShurAlex TehraniKatrina DicksonJ. Wesley Brownand Chad Ress) ;is a shared distinct sensibility. Their approach lies in the beauty and awkwardness of trying to feel at home in a vast region founded on prosperity— not to mention the photographers' commercial gigs.
"Here in L.A., at the locus of the entertainment industry, crisp lighting and saturated colors elevate celebrities to icons," Comen explains. "It's in this context that I apply those same photographic motifs to everyday people in the environments that define them, holding them up, casting them as lead characters."
Comen shares a fascination many artists feel about their personal stomping grounds. "Though I love making work afar in the field, I'm endlessly interested in my hometown of L.A., and feel like this city holds a lifetime of stories for me to tell through pictures."
The show opens today and runs through 6 May 2011 at Hi-Lite Studio and Project Space.

**Due to scheduling conflicts the show will only run through this Friday.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My Dad is coming to visit tomorrow. He is the reason I became a photographer. I remember sitting in the darkroom with him when I was a kid and watching all the images appear as if by magic. My job was to stand on the pedal that turned the red light on. Very important stuff. I'm in a show this weekend so I'm excited he's going to be here and we can go together. 

Above are images I found recently. When my sister was about a month old, my dad and mother took a month long road trip in their convertible. They just put her in a basket on the floor by my mothers feet. 
That  kind rocks. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Growing up in Reno, I use to love the old motel signs. A lot them are being  replaced by big casinos but you can still see them here and there. The motels were nondescript but the SIGNS. that's where the personality was. Grand Central Market downtown signs brought me back.

 I'd go just for the signs, but there are also amazing colors, smells and faces, not to mention the siete mares soup.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Sunday was spent with amazing kids (including my nieces and nephew)
skateboarding, crashing, crying, laughing , trampoline, beach, friendship, sun, drama.
I forgot how big kids lives are. huge.


I wanted to do a post just about Kayla. I took her picture amid all the chaos.  Kayla is the one who could have a quiet moment, find the light in a dark room making it beautiful.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hugo's first baseball game today. I love going to baseball games.
Hot dogs
7th inning singing
the clapping
foul balls caught by little kids
all of it
We got killed by the Giants but still a good day