Thursday, October 10, 2013


My step dad always said you'll have a lot of pets in your life but there will be one that will work its way deep into your heart. Mine was Alice. For a million reasons.

For showing me who you were right from the beginning. When I yelled at you for digging and you hid under the ping pong table I knew then how it was with you, and that I couldn't do that again.

For the endless begging for us to throw you a ball that drove us all crazy at my Sunday brunches.

For that time you cried to go out at 3 in the morning. You ran right to our neighbor's house and the next morning we found out she had become sick in the night.

For when I moved back to NY and was so lonely. Within a month you knew the West Village  and we would make our rounds with you collecting the  treats  people set  aside for you. And I wasn't lonely anymore.

For sounding like a monkey

For starting to love me again after hating me for becoming pregnant.

For becoming more of a dog when we got Chuy. I was happy for you but a little sad too.

For being such a girl for Rob.

For loving Hugo in the end even though you guys yelled at each other every morning.

For walking in the rain with me.

For always cocking your head when I said the word "comfortable"

You were there when I was broke, when I made a little money, when I got dumped and when I broke a couple of hearts, when I met Rob, when I lost my mom, when I had Hugo, and when I lost my dad.

I love you and will love you forever. I hope I did right by you. You were the very best dog.


  1. That brought a tear to my eye. Love you Alice. Love you, too, Katrina.

  2. This is lovely. You are lovely. You are loved.

  3. Beautiful - thank you for sharing - it gets better, slowly but surely... :)

  4. I was falling down the rabbit hole that is the blog-sphere and landed here. Tricky is right … its gets better. The pain will subside but the memories will remain.