Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 Emma 13yrs

Emma 8years

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my family. My niece turned 13. She is a teenager.
which I'm putting on the record as crazy.
I remember her as a baby tensing every muscle in her body when something was just too funny. Now she is a tall together girl who is too polite to tell us if we are embarrassing her.
Her life is so different from mine as a teenager. I spent so much time doing absolutely nothing. feeling misunderstood and making terrible art.
She has no free time. She's a serious athlete and goes to a very difficult school and if she has free time I think she would rather sleep than do anything else. I don't know what is better if anything. She is a total charmer. Watching her banter back and forth with my Dad
reminded me of how fearless and just great girls are at that age. Right before they become really moody with things no one can understand.

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