Monday, July 18, 2011


My friend the potter.
When I first met Adam he had two small children and was co owner of XLARGE. Now, many years later, he has four children and is a potter and design director of HEATH.
He is also married to Louise Bonnet and is the godfather to my son.
So yes, my 1 1/2 year old already has some pretty great pottery to impress his friends with.
Its great to watch someone do absolutely what he was meant to do. Someone who lives and breathes it and works very hard at it.  He's created a real community with other artists, and through his collaborations and friendships, I've been introduced to the work of so many talented people.
He was about to hit the road to Ft Worth, Texas to bring back clay for the Kimball Project  and has an upcoming show at LACMA. With all the work, kids, and demands of a very busy life I'll still get a call on the weekend: "hey, bring the boy over for swimming."
He make me feel lazy, then inspired.

See more of Adams work at

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