Thursday, July 14, 2011


my new camera

I love it and I plan to take a million pictures and millions of videos!

I've been taking pictures since I was 13, and I've had a lot of cameras. My father gave me most of them, a lot of them being his first, and he has always pushed be to embrace the new. And I do. But the camera I will always love the most is my first.

An old war horse of a camera, the nikon f3 that makes the kashhh, kashhh sound.
It represented everything that I loved about photography. The romance of street photography, the grittiness of blk&wht, the fearlessness it gave me.  It felt good in my hand.
It would stop, and like the Fonz I knew the exact spot to hit it to make it start again. Sometimes I would just press the shutter down to hear the sound of it. Its been stuffed in bags, dropped a million times, had close calls with technicians reprimanding me about how I'm too rough. It just kept going. Most of my work is digital now and I embrace all the good things about it. But if there is ever a fire, my old love will be what I save.

Jennifer, Reno Nevada
I think I was 14ish

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  1. I love this picture. So, so good. You are such a talent-monger, I love it.